Evans Dog Training Centre and Kennels
By Evans Training Centre & Shizen-Ryu Kennels

Excellence in K-9 Training and Handler Education

Evans Training Centre is a comprehensive and concise family-owned and -operated dog training facility. We specialize in strong working dog obedience and personal protection where professional “all breed” training is a full-time commitment.

Don Evans - dog trainerHead trainer, Don Evans, is a Government of British Columbia certified teacher and a graduate of Simon Fraser University and the University of Wisconsin’s Applied Behaviour Sciences Program. An Ethologist and Educational Therapist with, to date, over 2000 dogs and 3000 handlers benefiting from his expertise, Don Evans has combined his academic background with international training experience to formulate a very effective and successful canine training program.

All dogs are trained on an individual basis. The training centre limits the number of dogs in obedience training to six. This is to assure you, the owner, of complete effort and quality. Handler education and after-training support is included.

Honesty, integrity, and trust – we are committed to the development of your dog to its full genetic potential.

Services available at Evans Training Centre & Shizen-Ryu Kennels
  • Obedience: On-leash proofed around distractions - level 1
  • Off-leash and hand signals at 100+ m - level 11
  • Personal protection: six levels
  • Search & rescue tracking
  • Agility
  • Seminar and Workshop Presentations.
  • German Shepherd and Rottweiler stud service
  • Sales of fully-trained dogs
  • Referrals to quality breedings
  • Pre-purchase assessment and suitability to task
  • Civil and Judicial Court temperament evaluation
  • Boarding - 1,700 sq. ft. indoor, heated kennels

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